Lady Gaga wears gun bra during concert; all in good fun or insulting?

lady gaga gun bra e onlineReports from Celebuzz on Jan. 14 explain why singer Lady Gaga is once again stirring controversy.

The “Alejandro” singer was witnessed by hundreds of fans wearing a gun bra during a concert in Canada.

While she has worn pretty controversial outfits before, criticism for Taylor Kinney’s girlfriend is a bit different this time.

With the Sandy Hook shooting still alive and well in America’s memory, critics of Lady Gaga’s gun bra feel her choice in attire was in insulting to the Sandy Hook community. Families who lost their children in the tragic incident are still mourning the loss of their babies.

The United States is currently experiencing a great divide in the gun control debate. Both sides have ideas in favor and against people in the United States bearing arms.

The NRA, Joe Biden, and President Barack Obama himself have all chimed in on the topic.

How then, does Lady Gaga’s gun bra fit into all this? Is her choice to wear her gun bra during a public performance one meant to make a statement? Or it is just another stunt of hers to get attention?

One critic voices his opinion. Tom McKay from PolicyMic comments: “In light of all this, Gaga’s decision to don a gun-toting brassiere – undoubtedly with full awareness of its disturbing implications – is tasteless and inappropriate. It rubs salt in the wounds of pro- and anti-gun advocates, and much trashier, the wounds of a despondent and horrified community that just lost 20 of its children.”

“Generating controversy from a dress made of steaks is one thing. Generating controversy from the wholesale slaughter of children and teachers is quite another.”

This is not the first time Lady Gaga has worn her gun bra during a concert. It is the first time she wears it in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings.

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What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga’s gun bra? As an artist, does she have the right to don her gun bra as she pleases?

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