‘Bachelorette’ spoilers: Does Desiree get engaged after being dumped in finale?

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The July 29 episode of “The Bachelorette” was one of the most emotional ones to date.

Tonight, Desiree found herself facing heartbreak with one of the guys the fell for early on as the star of “Bachelorette” 2013.

With three guys left, Brooks, Chris, and Drew, “Bachelor” nation knew things would get emotional during the first half of the “Bachelorette” 2013 finale.

But they never figured things would be this intense! What’s going to happen? Does Desiree get engaged at the end of the finale next week?

Tonight, Des shared two romantic dates, one with Drew and one with Chris. Both of the men accepted her invitation to the fantasy suite and things appeared to go well.

What Des didn’t expect was the emotional shock Brooks had in store for her. This one truly left fans wondering, “Does Desiree get engaged or not?”

Brooks traveled to Antigua with the hopes of telling Desiree what he was really thinking about her.

In the end, Brooks, breaks Des’ heart. He confesses that while he cares for her, he is not ‘madly in love’ with her, a definite shocker to Desiree who is head over heels for Brooks.

Weeks ago, Desiree had confessed to the camera and host Chris Harrison she loved Brooks. After hearing this heart-breaking news from Brooks, Des is speechless, crying for the rest of the episode.

Fans remain hopeful that somehow Des and Brooks end up together during the “Bachelorette” 2013 finale.

But, realistically, what can come of their relationship now that  Brooks has broken Des’ heart?  Does Desiree get engaged when all is said and done? If so, who is Desiree engaged to now? Will Brooks change his mind? Who knows?

Preview for next week part two of the “Bachelorette” 2013 finale episode show Desiree having a heart to heart with Chris Harrison. She comes out and says: “Honestly, for me it’s over.”

Make sure to watch as the season comes to an end next week, Monday, August 6.

Sources: ABC 

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